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Baby Room

Our baby room, called the Lil’ Cub room, has up to eight babies. There are always two caregivers in the room. Each child will be provided with a crib, meals (formula, cereal, and baby food), stimulating toys, love, and quality care each day. The baby room teachers take the children outside as often as possible so they can get fresh air and a change of scenery. During cooler weather, infants get a chance to play in our gym area. Time outside and in the gym will also give babies a chance to develop their large motor skills, which will enable them to crawl and walk. Children nap as needed in this room. Caregivers encourage children to nap at the same time each day so the child’s day is predictable and consistent, but your child’s day is governed by your child’s needs. In the baby room, our caregiver’s primary goal is to ensure that your child is safe and that their needs are met in a loving way. Caregivers show the babies in the baby room the love and care God shows all of his children. Babies in this room range in age from 8 weeks to approximately 15 months.  Ideally, children are walking (or very close to walking) and saying a few words before moving into the Baby/Toddler Room.