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Our Baby/Toddler Room, called the Caterpillar and Butterfly room, has up to 10 children. There are two caregivers in the room with the Caterpillars and Butterflies.

The Caterpillars are in the age range of approximately 15 months to 20 months. In this room, children begin to wean themselves off their morning nap as they are ready. They also begin to move from eating in a high chair to eating at a table. Table manners are practiced and encouraged during meal times.  Children drink milk (as directed by parents) at meal times from a sippy cup and pacifiers are seen less and less (typically only at nap time if at all).  Teacher led activities also become more planned and purposeful.  Upon graduation from the Caterpillar class, parents or guardians will be given a portfolio documenting their child’s development.
Butterflies are ages 20 months to approximately 26 months.  Butterflies build upon the table manners taught in the Caterpillar class. We strongly encourage children to wear sneaker style shoes rather than sandals. The Butterfly class spends a lot of time running outside and in the gym. Sneakers are the best and safest footwear for active play. Children nap only during the afternoon. 

Children in the Butterfly class also begin toilet training. Once children show an interest in toilet training, we will begin working with them.  Teachers strongly believe in communication with parents while toilet training children.  Communication about toilet training successes and accidents are important so parents and teachers know what to expect from each child. Children are typically showing consistency in toilet training before moving into the toddler room. Teachers in this room continue to model Christ’s love for us. They show each child that they are loved and special in God’s eyes. Once again, upon graduation from this room parents or guardians will receive a portfolio documenting their child’s development during this time.