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Preschool ChildrenOur preschool program divides children into three different age groups. There is a separate room for the 3 year olds (the Bluebirds), the 4 year olds (the Starfish), and the 5 year olds (the Rainbowfish). Each room has 10-12 children and one teacher in the room with the children. Children in these rooms are building skills that will enable them to be successful students in the school system. Many aspects of reading and writing are the focus of children’s learning. Children gain the ability to recognize and identify letters and numbers. The sounds of letters become more important as well. They learn that “M” makes a different sound than “T”. Children also learn how to write the letters of the alphabet in both upper and lower case. They use their first and last names as an introduction to writing, and then learn to build more words with the letters they know how to write. Teachers also work with children on their ability to listen to and understand stories and songs. 

Social relationships are another focus in preschool classes. Children learn to work with their friends when resolving conflicts. They begin to develop negotiation skills and rely less and less on teacher interference to solve problems.  Emotions and feelings become concepts children understand, control, and manage. Teachers guide this development and equip children with skills to work with friends and manage emotions. They also develop true friendships with their classmates. Children enjoy engaging in play with the children they see every day.  The close friendships they develop provide children with a safe and secure learning environment.
Children also gain more knowledge about God and His word. During daily Bible time, children are taught about God, His power, His love, and the stories from the Bible. Children learn the importance and message from each Bible story or Biblical principle.  Having daily Bible time allows children to learn all about the God that created them and the world they live in.

Upon graduation from each room in the preschool program, parents or guardians will receive a portfolio documenting their child’s development.