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School Age Program

Unlike our infant, toddler, and preschool programs, our school age program does not focus on skill and knowledge building. Children in the school age program are given a chance to “relax” and be a kid in a safe setting. Children are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to play and create. Teachers lead organized games that allow children to continue learning about rules and directions. Teachers also allow for some “free play” time where children can make choices about how to spend their time and how to work with friends.

During the school year, we provide before and after school care for school age children.  Currently, we transport children to Eastridge and Pyrtle Elementary Schools. We will provide all day childcare for scheduled no school days. 

During the summer, we provide all day childcare for school age children. We LOVE the summer time and all the fun it brings.  We schedule many field trips for the children so they stay active and busy. These field trips include swimming, day camps, Ivanna Cone (where we get to make and eat ice cream!), parks, movies, and so much more!

School age children also participate in Bible time. Teachers will typically divide school age children into groups to allow all children to participate in discussion if they wish. Bible stories are a topic of discussion, but Bible time is not limited to Bible stories. Prayer time, discussion about who and what God is, as well as discussion about events in children’s lives are all things school ager Bible time might include. Children can also lead Bible time if they show an interest in doing so. During the school year, school agers have Bible time twice a week. In the summer months, school agers have Bible time every day.