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ToddlerOur toddler room, called the Teddy Bear room, has up to 6 children. There is one caregiver in the room with the Teddy Bears. Teddy Bears are in the age range of approximately two to three years. In this room, children begin to build upon the self-help skills learned in the previous rooms. Children’s belongings (coats, blankets, etc) are kept in a cubby with a hook in the room, which allows children to hang up their own coat and gather their own blanket for naptime. This helps children gain independence and confidence in their abilities. 

Language development is also very important in this classroom.  Children are taught pre-reading and writing skills. These skill include knowing the alphabet, using crayons, markers, and pencils to write and create, learning how books work (page one to page two, reading left to right, etc), and gaining an appreciation for language. We work on knowing numbers as well. Children also learn the importance of social relationships. They begin to share and work cooperatively with friends.  They also are encouraged to use socially appropriate behavior. For example, during story time, they are encouraged to direct their attention to the story while during outside play or center time, they are encouraged to be freer in the direction of their attention. All of the skills children learn in the Teddy Bear room are taught from a Biblical perspective. We learn to be nice and share because God commands us to do so. We learn to be independent and develop our sense of choice because God created each of us to be unique and special in His eyes. 

Upon graduation from the Teddy Bear room, parents or guardians will receive a portfolio documenting their child’s development. Children are also considered to be a part of our preschool program once they graduate from the Teddy Bear room.